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More Than a Necessity

Cooking together not only nourishes the body, but nourishes the soul through community.

Supper Club Program

Preparing and sharing meals can help people to converse more freely. That’s why food preparation is central to several Preventionfocus programs. Around 50 adolescent girls complete Supper Club every year. This ten-session program, facilitated in schools and community centers, allows middle and high school girls the chance to learn to plan and cook meals from scratch with nutrition and budgeting in mind while strengthening communication and friendship-making skills. Similar programs can be customized for males, co-ed groups, and special populations.
Young African American girl cooking at the stove with two adults looking on

“There’s a special magic that happens around food. Once veggies start getting chopped and food prep is underway, conversation flows freely. Friendships are forged through camaraderie and support.”

Cheers to Supper Club!

“Supper Club was such an amazing and wonderful experience for our middle school girls! Over the ten weeks of the program, you could really see a transformation. The girls became chatty, confident, excited to cook and try new foods, and happy. Programs like Supper Club are what the kids remember about middle school because they can be a part of something bigger than themselves… a team! I am so thankful that our school and girls had the opportunity to be a part of Supper Club!”

Rebecca LaRoach

School Counselor, Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda School District

Mother and teenage daughter cooking in the kitchen

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