Spring It On: Buffalo Niagara’s Day of Giving

Spring It On: Buffalo Niagara’s Day of Giving

Spring it On is a 24-hour give-a-thon for the not-for-profit organizations of the Buffalo and Niagara Community. The United Way powered and organized this event to raise resources for local charities. The whole process is easy and fast and will impact the non-profit of your choice immensely. On March 19th  the 24-hour online donation event begins. To support Preventionfocus, all you need to do is go to https://www.springiton.org/preventionfocus, enter an amount, click “donate now” and fill out a short form (name, address etc.). That’s it! Your donation goes directly to the organization you choose (and we hope you choose us!).

Why donate to Preventionfocus?

At Preventionfocus, we give children, teens, and adults the skills and information they need to make safer and healthier choices.   Whether it’s a curriculum that shows elementary school students the steps to sound decision-making, an alcohol free event for college students, or a media campaign that addresses underage drinking, our programs make an impact.

This year, we are using the funds generated by Spring It On to bring our Supper Club program to a City of Buffalo location this summer. The Supper Club program provides a time and place for middle and high school age girls to learn to plan and prepare delicious meals from scratch with budgeting and nutrition in mind while building positive life skills, such as dealing with conflict and building healthy friendships. We also discuss the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol and the importance of good decision making. While learning to cook, the girls learn about themselves and the benefits of remaining on a positive life path.

By donating just $30, you will cover the cost of food ingredients and supplies for one girl for this ten-session educational program.

Every dollar donated will be put to work right here in western New York. Make the choice to donate on March 19th and help us make a difference that could last a lifetime.

Thank you for your support!