Each year, the trained prevention specialists of Preventionfocus serve over 3,000 elementary and middle school students through multi-session model curriculum based programs – including “Too Good for Violence,” “Second Step,” “Project Toward No Drugs” (PTND) and “Life Skills Training” (LST). These programs cover a range of topics such as empathy, communication, conflict resolution, building relationships, decision-making, self-esteem, and information on alcohol and other drugs.

Around one hundred adolescent girls complete Supper Club every year. This ten-session program allows young girls the chance to learn to plan and cook meals from scratch with nutrition and budgeting in mind while strengthening communication and friendship-making skills.

In addition, Preventionfocus addresses underage drinking on local college campuses through community awareness projects, information dissemination, and special events. The strategies are designed to better inform students of community norms and actual peer use patterns that usually involve less drinking than most students think.

Preventionfocus not only serves the children of Erie County, but teachers, parents and other adults who care about youth as well, through various workshops. Topics include Children of Addiction, Nurturing Resiliency, Media Literacy, Teen Gambling, Gang Prevention, and a basic Substance Abuse Overview. Our staff has also been trained in “Mental Health First Aid” and several suicide prevention programs including “Lifelines,” “ASIST,” “QPR,” and “SafeTALK.”

Additional workshops on topics like anger management and parent-child communication are scheduled periodically.


“The Preventionfocus program is comprehensive and age appropriate. The instructors and program leaders are experts in interacting with the target age groups and it shows. Our students have benefited tremendously from the positive messages of the programs. They are a huge asset for us!

Kurt Holme, teacher
City Honors High School, Buffalo, NY


“I feel grateful to have ever been introduced to Preventionfocus and the Supper Club. All of our girls have shown growth since being in the group. I am very proud of them. I am hopeful, as well, to work with your agency in another “round” of Supper Club soon.”

Kristie Ziegler, School Psychologist
Springville G.I. Central Schools


“The Preventionfocus services and staff have always been professional, accommodating and relevant. The preparation, attention to detail and quality of instruction has been to a standard that augments and enhances our instructional guidance and health/wellness programs. The timely information, professional demeanor and standards based instruction is a perfect fit. I highly recommend and encourage a relationship with Preventionfocus.“

Jim LiPuma, Guidance Counselor/Director of Pupil Personnel
Depew Union Free School District