Preventionfocus Partners with WBBZ-TV at the Fair

Preventionfocus Partners with WBBZ-TV at the Fair

For the third year, Preventionfocus was the beneficiary of the WBBZ-TV “Hot Shot Football Challenge” promotion during the Erie County Fair. Each day, small teams of staff, Board members, and volunteers facilitated a fun, inflatable football toss game and distributed information on the agency and our mission. For a donation of $1, fairgoers had fair1three tries to throw a small football through a target. Those who were successful were able to pull an envelope from our prize box and walked away with a prize ranging from frisbees, squirt bottles and tote bags to t-shirts, and valuable coupons from area businesses. Nobody walked away empty-handed, as even those who missed the target were given a coupon of some kind!

In all, $7,185 was raised to support Preventionfocus programs… our highest total yet! Thanks go out to Preventionfocus Board members John Riccardi, Lucian Wiza, Nicholle Overkamp, and Kim Georger, along with volunteers Michael Wherry, Lizz Sneed, DiJante Antoine, Todd Simmons, Davon Ware, Katie Thomas, Kathy Mancuso, Travis Eisele, Austin Smith, Logan Smith, Alexis Vierling, Nzingha Cameron, Darren Cameron, Tanya Wallace, Geno Pachetti, Christopher Overkamp, and interns Cherice Wallace, Breanna Cavanaugh, and Yanava Hawkins who all worked side by side with the WBBZ and Preventionfocus staff led by Lanette Wherry who organized the promotion. Heartfelt gratitude goes out to Mark Ewart and Mark Ewart, Jr. for use of their inflatable throughout the Fair. Special thanks go out to Phil Arno and his family, especially sons Warren and Joe, Chris Musial, John DiSciullo, Michael Lepkowski, and all of our friends at WBBZ-TV for having us in the promotion, the entire WBBZ production team for the many on-air public service announcement plays and promotional supports on various programs, and, of course, to the WBBZ viewers who supported us!

The event was made possible by donations of prizes by the following sponsors:fair3

Dave & Buster’s
Buffalo Roadhouse Grill
Chef’s Restaurant
Texas Roadhouse
Gelber & O’Connell
NYS National Guard Counter Drug Unit

Thanks to all!