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    About Preventionfocus


A community where individuals make safe and healthy choices in an environment that promotes acceptance and support.

A Message From Our Executive Director

Matthew G. Smith, CPP

About Preventionfocus

Prevention is a proactive approach that keeps healthy people healthy and gives those at higher risk a better chance of avoiding dangerous and unhealthy behaviors. Underage drinking, substance abuse, problem gambling, bullying, obesity, violence, suicide, and a host of related problems can be reduced when the proper prevention strategies are implemented. Preventionfocus puts such strategies to work every day in an effort to stop problems before they start.

We give children, teens, and adults the skills and information they need to make safer and healthier choices. We also work to impact laws, policies, norms and beliefs that make those choices easier and more likely.

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Board Officers

John J. Riccardi, Esq.
Attorney at Law

Vice President
James LiPuma
Educational Consultant

Andrew Fretthold, CPA
Dansa D’Arata Soucia, LLP

Kristin Crosby
Brook Health

Board Members

Mary Haggerty
Educational Consultant

Kristen Militello
United Healthcare

Roan Moncrieffe
AAA Insurance Company

Patrick Moses
Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda UFSD

Christine Proulx Grzyb
Lumsden McCormick, LLP

Robert Sonnenberger, CPA
Delaware North Companies

Kimberly Wallace, Esq.

Our Government Partners and Collaborators

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